And the winners of this year’s outdoor lighting contest are:

1st Place: 637 River Road
2nd Place: 325 Basil Street
3rd Place: 396 Colby Street

Best Use of the Theme “Drifting into the Season”: 361 Plateau Street

Best Outdoor Lighting: Chisago House
Best Window: The Yarn Bank

Honorable Mention: The shooting stars Government, Basil and Plateau streets of Angel Hill.

The Lighting Festival committee would like to thank all of the Taylors Falls residents who decorated. You have made our Christmas Card Village extra special for our visitors!


Outdoor lighting and decorating are an important part of the Lighting Festival. Residents and visitors enjoy driving through our beautiful “Christmas Card Village” looking at the lights. Residential and business owners alike are invited to do outdoor decorating.

This Year’s Theme: Drifting into the Season

Lighting will be judged on Friday evening, November 25, starting at 6 PM. The judges, who do not live in Taylors Falls, will drive every street in town and out ½ mile on County Roads 37, 20 and 16 and Vista Road.

RESIDENTIAL prizes are: First prize $75, Second Place $25, Third Place $25, Best us of the Theme $25. The theme this year is “Drifting into the Season.” Winners will have a Lighting Festival sign in their yard for 2-3 weeks, and a certificate.

COMMERCIAL: The judging categories are: Commercial Best Outdoor Lighting, Commercial Best Window. Commercial winners will receive certificates.

The list of winners will be posted in the town bulletin board, on the Lighting Festival Facebook page and website.