2016 Medallion Hunt Winner


Lori Corbesia from St Croix Falls. 


2016 Clues Were

Clue 1
Begin where waters are in view,
And take the path that winds through town,
Not too far from the river blue,
Stay off the rocks, so you don’t fall down.

Clue 2
Following down the river walk,
Keep looking for the treasure gold,
Oh the trees, if leaves could talk,
They’d say when bare, the tree gets cold.

Clue 3
If you have passed the extinguished blaze,
Continue the path of the river way east
Finding the medallion is the local craze,
Passing by the home of our resident Priest.

Clue 4
Leaving the treasure for all to seek,
Efforts will be rewarded to those who search,
Stay clear of the hills, it will make you weak,
You could find the words if you see a church.

Clue 5
Please stay off the private land,
On the beaten path you should trod,
Finding the medallion would sure be grand,
Could be under the snow, but not under sod.

Clue 6
If you’ve not found the treasure by now,
Here is one more helpful hint,
Finding the medallion will give you the wow,
If you just look for and find the footprint.

Annual Medallion Hunt

Always the Saturday after Thanksgiving starting at 10am. The first clue will be read at the Friday night 6pm parade. Clues will be  posted on the bulletin board (in the parking lot on Bench Street – our main street) and on Facebook. New clues will be posted every 1/2 hour until found. The second clue will be posted at 10:30 and every HALF HOUR until found. The lucky person or persons who find the medallion should take it immediately to Coffee Talk to claim the $100 prize.