2016 Lighting Festival Ornament

Preserved in 24k GOLD

Did you know the W.H.C. Folsom family planted maple trees on Angel Hill in 1857? At least one still stands. Taylors Falls is also home to Don’s Sugar Shack that is known throughout the area for the delicious maple syrup tapped from sugar maples in St. Croix Falls and Taylors Falls. Processing is a group effort with sales benefiting the First Lutheran Youth Group. Of course the beautiful color of the maple leaves attracts visitors to the St. Croix river valley ever fall.

Currently out of stock. New shipment due to arrive week of Dec 4th.
(while supply lasts)


The 2015 Lighting Festival Ornament

This 2015 ornament featured a wonderful old photo of the horse drawn school buses on Angel Hill from 1915. The image continues on to the back of the ornament along with a description of the image, our theme “Journey of Learning,” and the fact that 2015 is the 100th Anniversary of the first senior class [of five students] to graduate from the Taylors Falls High School. If you are interested in ordering this ornament please contact us.