Annual Medallion Hunt

Always the Saturday after Thanksgiving starting at 10am. The first clue will be read at the Friday night 6pm parade. Clues will be  posted on the bulletin board (in the parking lot on Bench Street – our main street) and on Facebook. New clues will be posted every 1/2 hour until found. The second clue will be posted at 10:30 and every HALF HOUR until found. The lucky person or persons who find the medallion should take it immediately to Coffee Talk to claim the $100 prize.

Linsey, Raine and Jon Clark of Taylors Falls

Where was the medallion hidden? In the flower bed at Coffee Talk! Here are all of the clues:

2017 Lighting Festival Medallion Hunt Clues


It’s that time of year, to kick the hunt into gear,
Warm up your mind and navigate your way.
Let the good times roll, the hunt is good for your soul,.
You may have to search in a place where the treasure is cold.


It might take a village to figure this out,
But there will be a winner, there is no doubt.
Get some fresh air, go out, and play fair,
Giving it away too early in the game would be a shame.


It’s in a city place where you’ll search high and low,
But be careful, for there is no snow.
A thing of beauty is to be found,
But in the winter, it’s only ground.


Use me to give thirsty plants a drink,
Or use me to clean your car, quick as a wink.
Hopscotch and skating fit me to a tee,
Don’t walk on the grass, just walk on me.


Everyone loves me, I’m pretty and smell sweet,
Look around to find me, but not in the street.
If you don’t want to search for hours,
Look among the dead flowers.