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Dr. Lucius Smith in 1861 was the first of 18 known family doctors in Taylors Falls through 1947. From 1921 to 1929 the Taylors Falls Municpal Hospital was located in the 1856 Whiting house on River Street. Simultaneously in 1919 Dr. Jake Riegel of St. Croix Falls converted his home into a hosptial. In 1954 with hospital regulations in place and a need for more beds, the combined efforts of St. Croix Falls and Taylors Falls continued the legacy of this home hospital becoming St. Croix Regional Medical Center, with Stanley Folsom as its first board chair. We honor the memory of those medical pioneers, continue to work together to provide the best medical care and celebrate SCRMC’s Century of Caring.

Lighting Festival Ornament

This year’s ornament honors the beautiful St. Croix River. The St. Croix was one of only 8 rivers designated as a Wild and Scenic River signed into law 50 years ago in 1968. Ojibwa used the birch bark canoe on the St. Croix River for centuries. Millennia ago they traded and used local copper and the blue faceted bead is a nod to native trading on the river in the 1800’s. This limited edition birch bark canoe was hand made locally and is embellished with an authentic 19th c. bead of the kind traded in this area.

Thank you to Donald and Juli Hobson for handcrafting the canoes, Taylors Falls Bead Store for helping with the embellishments and the Lighting Festival Elves who helped put it all together.

A limited number of ornaments are available – $3. Contact us if you’re interested.

2017 Lighting Festival Ornament

The early settlers of Taylors Falls depended on candles and oil lamps for light at night. There is a whale oil lamp, used by the Folsom’s, at the historic Folsom House. Tallow candles were used most often since beeswax was expensive. Tallow was smoky and smelly. Lamps too were smoky and the chimneys would be washed in the morning before the breakfast dishes. Because of the hydro dam, Taylors Falls was fortunate to have electricity starting in 1907. Still, at the time most people used candles or oil lamps to light their homes. This ornament is a nod to that bygone era.

Sale price – $3. Contact us to purchase.

2016 Lighting Festival Ornament

Preserved in 24k GOLD

Did you know the W.H.C. Folsom family planted maple trees on Angel Hill in 1857? At least one still stands. Taylors Falls is also home to Don’s Sugar Shack that is known throughout the area for the delicious maple syrup tapped from sugar maples in St. Croix Falls and Taylors Falls. Processing is a group effort with sales benefiting the First Lutheran Youth Group. Of course the beautiful color of the maple leaves attracts visitors to the St. Croix river valley ever fall.


The 2015 Lighting Festival Ornament

This 2015 ornament featured a wonderful old photo of the horse drawn school buses on Angel Hill from 1915. The image continues on to the back of the ornament along with a description of the image, our theme “Journey of Learning,” and the fact that 2015 is the 100th Anniversary of the first senior class [of five students] to graduate from the Taylors Falls High School. If you are interested in ordering this ornament please contact us.



1985 Bears
1986 Trains
1987 Angels
1988 Birds
1989 Bells
1990 Christmas trees
1991 Snowflakes
1992 Father Christmas
1993 Sled
1994 Christmas StockingS
1995 Beauty of Interstate State Park (to celebrate MN. Interstate Park’s centennial,1895-1995 – glass sculpted tree )
1996 Immigrant Traditions   (for the Swedish Immigration Jubilee 1846-1996 – Goosey Gander. Also, US postal stamp cancellation to commemorate)
1997 Quilts
1998 Baskets and Boxes
1999 Books
2000 Fish
2001 Pair of Skates
2002 Pin Cushions
2003 Shells
2004 Jack-in-the-Box (Toys & Games)
2005 Historic Homes (150th Folsom House)
2006 Taylors Falls Princess etching on glass sun catcher
2007 Light bulb (resin) embedded with Devil’s Chair. Century of Service by the St. Croix Hydroelectric Plant/Dam 
2008 Polished, pewter medallion, 1856 Bridge, 1928 road sign.  Taylors Falls- the place to come for over 150 years, MN 150
2009 Stars          Wire star with glass pendant   
2010 etching of the Devils Chair
2011 etching of Library on acrylic
2012 Colorized photo of the Depot
2013 Painting of the Fox House
2014 100th anniversary of the TF fire department
2015 Photo of the horse drawn school buses
2016 24kt gold Oak Leaf
2017 Stained glass candlestick