Royal Lady of the Village

The Royal Lady of the Village is a woman who has made significant contributions to Taylors Falls and has been active in promoting Taylors Falls above and beyond the ordinary. The Royal Lady is chosen from nominations made to the committee and is announced the week of the Lighting Festival. The Royal Ladies’ Tea Party will be held at the First Baptist Church in Taylors Falls on Sunday, November 26th, from 2pm to 4pm.

Previous Royal Ladies

2022 Dee Fredlund
2021 Wendy Sczcepanski

2020 Eleanor Collins
2019 Carol Schumann
2018 Mary Pettis
2017 Mary Anne Mattson
2016 Sheila Sandell
2015 Kathy Carlsted
2014 Julie Hildebrand
2013 Sandra Berg
2012 Women’s Civic League (Active Members: Edna Curry, Joanne Frank, Cynthia Holmberg, Carol Johnson, Annie Lindgren *deceased, Geri Nelson, Jean Sampson, Geri Swenson, Priscilla Wegner and Sister Maria Wilson
2011 Barbara Anderson
2010 Mary Murphy
2009 Marlys Breeden
2008 Jeanette Dahlquist
2007 Barbara Anderson (Barb’s Family Hair Care)
2006 Amanda (Amy) Frischmon
2005 Kirsten Anderson
2004 Carol Nelson
2003 Diane Arnold
2002 Deborah Julik-Heine
2001 Linda Sandman
2000 Mary Linehan
1999 Marilyn Rimestad *deceased
1998 Jean Sampson
1997 Helen White *deceased
1996 Mary Rivard
1995 Ginny Vogt *deceased
1994 Edna Curry
1993 LaVon Hanson
1992 Mary Olson *deceased
1991 Maggie (Margaret) Olmschenk *deceased
1990 Kay Kuschel
1989 Barbara Young

Royal Lady Nomination

Please get permission from the nominee in advance of your nomination and we request that you not nominate yourself.